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September 2016

So at 38 weeks pregnant I FINALLY got around to having some maternity photos taken!  This summer has been so hectic that the weeks of my pregnancy were flying by and before I knew it we were into fall and I was 9 months along.  My amazing friend Kim captured these moments of Maverick and I last week and I am so glad that we were able to make it happen!  I haven’t felt like getting very glam or even doing my hair for that matter in recent weeks so it seemed a bit daunting to do maternity photos so close to my due date.  I knew that the end result would mean a lot to have years down the road.  She captured Maverick’s spirit and curiosity about the world perfectly and I will forever hold onto these precious little memories of mother and son.















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xo Marcy

Well the official countdown to baby is now on!  In mere days we will have a new little baby in our home and Maverick will be a big brother at not even two years old!  My hospital bag is packed and ready to go and I am just hoping that the baby hangs on until my mom arrives on Friday.  I really want Maverick to have his Gigi with him when we leave for the hospital to have his little sister!  Here is what I have packed.

Mommy Hospital Bag:unnamed

  1. Robe
  2. Slippers/Socks (2 pairs)
  3. Nursing Bras- seemless (2)
  4. High Waisted Underwear- Black (4)
  5. Loose Pajama Sweatpants- Black
  6. Travel Toiletries: maxi pads (overnights, thick kind), hair brush, comb, hairspray, hair ties, bobby pins, face wash, face wipes, washcloth, lotion, face cream, toothbrush, toothpaste, hand cream, hand sanitizer, contact lenses, dry shampoo, dry deodorant and glasses.
  7. Makeup bag: foundation, concealer, bronzer, lip gloss, tweezers, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner.  (Hey I want to look decent in photos!)
  8. Nursing Pillow (I wish I would have had this with me when I had Maverick.)
  9. Nursing Cover (In case you have to feed your baby in front of guests and you don’t feel like whipping out your boob!)
  10. iPad
  11. DSLR Camera
  12. Going home outfit- loose dress, booties, cardigan.
  13. Handbag- Louis Vuitton Neverfull with wallet, care card, notepad, pens, sunglasses, phone, and whatever else I shove in there last minute on my way out the door!


Baby Hospital Bag:


Surprisingly the baby needs less then mommy!

  1. Swaddle Blankets (3)
  2. Sleepers (4)
  3. Cute little headbands for baby girl!
  4. Pampers Newborn Swaddlers (your hospital will give you diapers, ours states you get 10.  I’m bringing extras because I’m anticipating being there three nights with the c-section.)
  5. Wipes (1 pack)
  6. Newborn hats (2)
  7. Socks (2)
  8. Nail Clippers
  9. Jelly Cat Stuffed Bunny
  10. Baby Wash
  11. Burp Cloths
  12. Newborn Mam Pacifiers
  13. Going home outfit (I packed two as Maverick had a blowout on his so you just never know!)
  14. Carseat with Carseat base installed in the car.
  15. Backpack Diaper Bag- packed with all of baby’s things so they are easy to tell apart from Mom and Dad’s stuff.

*I put many of baby’s items in separate ziplock sandwich bags (socks, headbands, toiletries, etc.) since their items are so small.

*A tip on diaper bags, pick something gender neutral and in a monotone color.  Dad will end up taking the diaper bag on outings on his own with the baby and you don’t want the poor guy lugging a pink diaper bag around!

*Also I found that the backpack is the BEST option because you can wear it as you chase a toddler around the park.  And even more importantly you wear it when you travel on an airplane.  I have flown many times with Maverick on my own (I know, crazy!) and having the diaper bag on my back is definitely easiest when boarding a plane, holding a baby, and a purse.  At least the diaper bag is on your back and not bumping into fellow passengers.


Daddy Hospital Bag:


Don’t forget about Dad!

  1. Comfy T-Shirt
  2. Pajama Pants
  3. Hoodie
  4. iPad
  5. Chargers
  6. phone (Dad can send out those precious first texts and pictures to family and friends!)
  7. toothbrush
  8. gum
  9. snacks- candy, power bars, salty snacks, etc.
  10. change and cash for vending machines and cafeteria.
  11. Pillow from home
  12. Swell Bottle (to fill with water and juice for both himself and mom!)


All About This Pregnancy:

First Trimester- Felt pretty good.  Not much nausea but extremely tired which made chasing after our toddler difficult.

Second Trimester- We found out that Baby Simpson was going to be a GIRL!  While visiting my family in Columbus I went with my mom and Maverick to have a 4D ultrasound at 17 weeks pregnant.  There we got the awesome surprise that our little baby was a girl and immediately the nickname “Tinkerbell” was born!  My mom called the baby “Tinkerbell” in a round about way when she suggested we go to the mall to pick out her very first dress and it has stuck.  So cute.

We celebrated Baby Tinkerbell with a Gender Reveal Party when my husband Todd arrived in Columbus!  He had no idea what we were having until he cut into a cake that had pink frosting on the inside.  It was a fun little party and a great way to let all of our family share our excitement!

Felt great all and all!  Was able to work out a bit here and there.  Spin and Barre classes.  Had energy and didn’t feel too huge yet.  Started to feel those precious flutters that turned into kicks!

Cravings: Chocolate, Eggo waffles with American Syrup (No Canadian Maple here!), cake, bagels and cream cheese, water.

Third Trimester- I started to slow back down.  Heartburn set in.  I didn’t even know what heartburn was until I was pregnant as I had never had it before!  Now it’s a daily occurrence.  Many bathroom breaks, especially during the night.

I have low iron so I take supplements for it but man it can still dip without warning which leaves me disoriented and without much brain function until I eat right away.

Baby girl has become more active in third trimester and recently slowed down a bit more.  I’m sure she has run out of room!

Weight gain has plateaued at 25 pounds.  I’m happy about this as with Maverick I think I gained around 40 pounds.  I feel like I’m not retaining as much water this time so my legs and ankles aren’t nearly as swollen as they were with him.  That being said my belly is HUGE and I’m not comfortable at all.  I’m pretty much down to only wearing sweatpants and one pair of shorts and a couple of tank tops.  Thankfully weather is staying nice and I haven’t had to wear much else.

Cravings: Orange Juice, Chocolate still (especially Aerobars), Peanut Butter and Jelly, Special K cereal with Strawberries.

Things I have disliked: Salmon (which I normally like), pretty much all meats although I am eating them I’m not loving the taste right now.  Vegetables.

It will be interesting to see how big this baby is.  Maverick was a tank at 9 lbs. 5 oz. and was delivered by c-section.  This time around I think our baby will be a little bit smaller but we’ll just have to wait and see!


xo Marcy