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October 2016

To say that things around here have been busy is an understatement.  Things have been downright chaotic!  I am finally getting around to loading all the pictures we have taken since our baby girl Westlyn was born while both babies are napping….well sorta.  Westlyn is colicky so she wants to be held and comforted a TON.  While she has been great about taking a long nap in the afternoon wouldn’t you know that today she isn’t cooperating so well.  Sigh.  Mom life is no walk in the park that is certain!  I hope to get into our daily life routine in a future post but today is all about little Westlyn’s birth.


Westlyn Isabel made her grand entrance into the world the morning of September 12th, 2016.  Her birth was very civilized as she was a scheduled c-section.  With our son Maverick I went into labor naturally.  We waited at home until the appropriate time to go to the hospital and I labored there through the night.  I asked for the epidural as things got crazy intense (kudos to mom’s who can do it without, I’m just not that women!) but had to wait until my doctor arrived so he could order it.  With it being the middle of the night that took awhile, or at least it seemed so at the time!  Once I had the epidural there was immediate relief.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt!  With the contractions being so intense you expect the baby to fully drop into position for a natural birth but Maverick would just not.  It was at that time we agreed to do a c-section rather then wait it out to see if things changed and then risk maybe being in a position where an emergency c-section was necessary.  I had an inkling Maverick would be a big baby, but man were we shocked when I had the c-section and he weighed in at nine pounds five ounces!

We just figured after one c-section and a big baby that would not fully drop we would go for the scheduled c-section.  And honestly it was so easy on my end.  We walked into the hospital in the early hours of September 12th.  I was like a kid at Christmas the night before and hardly slept at all.  Great move when you are about to have a newborn baby!  We checked in and they put all my I.D. bracelets on, asked a series of questions, and started my IV.  Before long we were in the recovery room where I would be placed once the baby was born waiting for the team of doctors and nurses to get into position to start the operation.

*Kelowna moms the new maternity wing is just awesome!  There is now their very own OR right in the wing so you can have your c-section, recover, and then stay all in the same area.  Mom, Dad, and baby remain together in recovery after the procedure and everything is brand new and state of the art.  There are also more private rooms which is amazing!


When you go into the OR your husband or support person remains in the recovery room until you are all prepped.  That part kinda stinks but it’s the way the hospital does things so I just make the best of it.  My nurses were awesome about making small talk while my spinal tap was being done and Dr. Yoshida, my obstetrician (he also delivered Maverick!) was so comforting and talked me through what would be going on.  Right after the spinal you feel a warm sensation and are virtually numb right away.  This next part gets a little tricky for my memory because the drugs took ahold of me quick and I was pretty spacey.  Once all the sheets were up and things have basically started they brought Todd in to be with me.  I was so happy to see him!  In his face I could see so much excitement but also concern over me and the baby.  It’s such an emotional time and you just want everyone to be healthy and safe.  Things were quiet between the two of us, we were just holding hands awaiting our babies cry and the first sign that everything was okay.  I remember feeling a lot of pressure and a “whoosh” sensation when she was pulled out and then her cry!  She seemed so strong already!  That’s when the pediatrician took over and did all the checks and tests on the baby.  They placed our little girl on the warming bed right in my line of vision and toweled her off, checked all her vitals and weighed her.  She was so sweet and they were saying how she was such a strong little girl giving them tension already!  Todd was able to cut her umbilical cord shorter (it was cut on the operating room table initially) and they wrapped her up and brought her to me so I could see her.  She remained on my collar bone for a few minutes and we just stared at her and marveled at our new little princess!  Westlyn was so alert and really trying to look at our faces.  So precious!






After I was put all back together and the doctor reassured me that everything went great they wheeled us over to recovery.  I had a REALLY hard time recovering.  I was unable to sit up until that evening without vomiting.  The morphine that was used along with my spinal was too much on my system and made me very sick.  That was honestly the hardest part of the whole procedure.  It was hard to nurse Westlyn without being able to sit up.  My mom and Maverick arrived shortly after I was placed into my hospital room and I was so happy to see my sweet boy!  He was so proud and excited to see his new baby sister and I know he missed his mama a lot.  In fact in the days after when Todd or my mom would bring him over for a visit he knew just where he was going when they would pull into the hospital and he would say “mama and baby.”  So cute and so smart!




We spent three nights in the hospital and everything was going great until night two Westlyn’s heart rate was dropping quite low when she would be sleeping.  It was all such a blur because the nurse who was taking care of us that day discovered it in the middle of the night.  After no to little sleep in the prior days it was hard to process what was going on.  Basically they took our little girl to the NICU for further observation.  They hooked her up to a bunch of monitors to watch her heart rate and oxygen levels.  It was hard having Westlyn stay in the NICU away from us but luckily for me my room was the one right beside the unit.  After keeping her overnight they did an EKG the next morning which came back perfect.  The kept her another night and did a second EKG the following day which was also good.  Everything was very precautionary we were assured and her pediatrician felt confident it would correct itself in a few days.  She was just getting her system sorted out.  Thankfully that was the case and we were discharged on the 4th day and we were able to go home all together!






I cannot express how wonderful the care I received at Kelowna General Hospital was!  The doctors, nurses and staff were so wonderful and I marvel at their patience and compassion while doing their job. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to care for all of these mothers and their little babies at a very vulnerable and emotional time in their lives.  I found the hospital to be very comforting for both my pregnancies/deliveries which is funny for me to say because I don’t really like hospitals.  My experience both times was so special and I loved being there and meeting all the nurses and doctors who helped bring our little babies into the world!


Westlyn Isabel Simpson

September 12, 2016

7 lbs. 9 oz.


20 inches


xo Marcy



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